Item:July 2nd, Today in History

Oh, you thought yesterday was exciting, did you?  Ha!  Yesterday was nothing!  Today is the day you should really be celebrating… 150 years ago TODAY, Colonel Jonathan Franklin Hale, General Li Shao-zu, Captain Elijah Swan, and Drummer First Class Nicholas Brody (aka Rowena Harris) and the rest of the brave members of the 13th R.I. Vol. Infantry defeated (with the help of hallucinogens) the mighty Richmond Special Legionnaires, thereby saving American from certain Confederate victory!  You can mark this important anniversary by watching the documentary that brings this unbelievable story to life in all its spicy detail!  Now available on iTunes!  Just click HERE!

Item:July 1st, Today in History

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the most important battle in Civil War history.  I speak, of course, of the Battle of Pussy Willow Creek.  On this day way back in 1863 Colonel Jonathan Franklin Hale and his 13th Rhode Island Infantry Volunteers found themselves between the Confederacy’s secret mercenary army, the Richmond Special Legionnaires,  and Pussy Willow Gap – a narrow pass in the Blue Ridge Mountains through which the Legionnaires intended to launch a sneak attack on Washington.  Thinking fast, Hale pulled his men (and by men, I mean men and women, plus a whole bunch of underage soldiers of various genders) up into the mountains above the pass, and spent all of that long day throwing rocks and boulders down onto the Legionnaires, giving them headaches and preventing them from entering the pass.  But although the 13th RI was positioned to defend the Gap indefinitely, what would the morrow bring?  Most likely Major General Sinclair Whittier, in command of the Legionnaires, would order his army to make for nearby Ashby’s Gap and proceed with his attack via that route instead.  It was up to Hale and his inner circle of advisers to figure out how to prevent this!  Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 of The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek!  Or just go to iTunes and order the film already.  Jeeze.


WBAIItem: April 6th fundraising screening of The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek to benefit WBAI public radio!

A cabal of Evil Forces, including insurance companies, landlords, The Great Recession, Hurricane Sandy, and a giant gorilla have been conspiring to drive NYC’s heroic listener-supported, non-commercial public radio station WBAI off the air!  As the filmmakers behind the maverick documentary The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek, we have long stood in opposition to just this sort of concerted effort to quash the last remaining outlets of The Truth, and we’ll be damned if we will let WBAI go down without a fight!  We have therefore teamed up with the brave souls at The Quad Cinema (itself a bastion of free speech) to hold a special fundraising screening to benefit the station.  Please blow off whatever lame brunch plans you had with your pretentious friends on April 6th and instead join us at 11:00 am at The Quad   You will not only be seeing what some have called “the most important documentary ever made,” you will be doing a great Civic Duty that you can certainly list on any college applications or profiles that need rounding out.  After the screening there will be a Q&A with director Grace A. Burns, or someone like her.  Tickets and information are available here.  All proceeds will benefit the WBAI Emergency Transmitter fund!  And please listen to WBAI 99.5 FM or on Tuesday, March 26th at 2pm to hear a discussion about The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek with someone who knows what she’s talking about.

quad-cinemaItem: New York City Prepares to Lose its Mind as The Most Important Civil War Documentary Ever Made Officially Premieres!

Widespread pandemonium is expected as The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek is officially unleashed upon an unprepared populous with a seven-day run starting Friday, March 1st at Greenwich Village’s Quad Cinema – long a venue for premiering mind-blowing works of revolutionary import.  A source close the the Mayor’s Office has been misquoted as saying, “Once people see this movie and find out that everything they formerly assumed to be the truth about the Civil War is in fact complete and utter bullshit, well, only Krishna himself knows what the reaction will be!”  “I’m going to make sure I’m safe and sound in my condo in Jersey,” the same source is said to have added.  To be part of the hysteria, run – don’t walk! – to the Quad Cinema at 34 West 13th Street in Manhattan and get your tickets now!  Tickets can also be purchased online at Don’t miss out you like you did in Y2K!

quad-cinemaItem: The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek to play theatrically!

Holy crap, it’s true!  Despite all efforts of the Evil Forces that work tirelessly to keep the American Public in a state of perpetual ignorance, the groundbreaking documentary that reveals the long suppressed 100% true story of the real most pivotal battle of the American Civil War is finally getting a theatrical run!  This Important Event is scheduled to begin March 1, 2013 – the same day that 150 years prior marked the… well, actually, nothing too notable happened on March 1, 1863, even though the Civil War was taking place at the time – and will continue through March 7.   Hosting the run is the venerable Quad Cinema of New York City – long a home to cutting edge works of cinematic daring/genius like Grace A. Burns’ revolutionary exposé. At long last the story of the four most important heroes in American history (with the exception of Oprah Winfrey) will be available for all to see on the Big Screen!  Huzzah to the Quad Cinema!  For more info: Quad Cinema, Coming Soon (scroll down til you see it!)


CivilWarKenBurnsItem: Ken Burns endorses Pussy Willow Creek doc!

In April of 2012 legendary (and very hard to get on the phone, despite any potential blood ties) documentarian Ken Burns graciously took time out from his current (and probably relatively decent… whatever it happens to be about… didn’t quite catch that) project to view Grace A. Burns’ unparalleled (in the history of cinema) documentary, The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek.  During this viewing, a source close to Mr. Burns reported hearing loud sounds emanating from the Master’s screening room which were later described as “howling”.  While this account seemed confusing at first, upon later analysis it was concluded that Mr. Burns had been very upset that his own 11 hour documentary had somehow failed to make any mention of the most important battle in the American Civil War.  Later, when asked for his comments, Mr. Burns gave the following quote, “”This is (a)… film with… an important… message.”  Despite his subsequent inexplicable declaration that the Pussy Willow Creek documentary would never play on PBS in a million years, we sincerely thank Mr. Burns for his glowing endorsement!

Item: New York City finally comes to its senses!

Yes, on August 17th, 2011 the most important documentary ever made will at long last be shown in directress Grace A. Burn’s home base of NYC!  Through the intervention of the venerable New Filmmakers Series along with a steady campaign of protest by a concerned citizen’s group, Mayor Bloomberg’s long-standing ban of the movie (“New York is not ready for the startling revelations this film contains”  had been the administration’s tired stance since early 2010) has been lifted.  The film will be showing at 9:15 pm on August 17 at Anthology Film Archives – 32 Second Avenue (corner of Second Street).  Ms. Burns will be there to introduce her work, answer questions, and revive audience members who have fainted from an overdose of Truth.  Call (212) 505-5181 for ticket information, or visit the New Filmmakers website.

Item: Documentarian Grace A. Burns interviewed on KDHX St. Louis!

Grace Burns rang in 2011 much as she does every New Year… by going to a party, over-indulging in cheap “champagne,” and telling people she just met that she “loves” them.  Although the first of the year was spent on the couch alternately moaning and  sipping ginger ale as she watched 9 or so hours of a 24 hour Twilight Zone marathon, by January 2nd Grace had recovered sufficiently to give a sparkling interview to radio host Pablo Meshugi of No Time To Tarry Here on KDHX in St. Louis.  After months of waiting, we finally have excerpts of the interview!
To listen, simply click on the players below.

Interview Excerpt 1

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Interview Excerpt 2

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Interview Excerpt 3

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Interview Excerpt 4

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Interview Excerpt 5

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Please support No Time To Tarry Here with Pablo Meshugi onKDHX in St. Louis, Missouri… good friends of Truth, Justice, and The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek!

Item: TBOPWC at SLIFF on November 13th!

Pop quiz:
A. Where is St. Louis?
B. Where is Missouri?
C. Where will The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek be playing as 1 of only 5 movies selected for the New Filmmakers Forum?

A. Uh… in Missouri?
B. I don’t know.
C. St. Louis, Missouri!

Item: The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek to play Oct. 6th at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival!

Sept. 28, 2010.  Although we now know the great state of Florida as a land of voter fraud, real estate speculation fiascos, and early-bird specials, at one time it was a vital part of the Confederacy.   Apparently there are still some folks down there who remember the great War Between the States enough to be interested in a documentary that unflinchingly unearths a long-suppressed chapter in the history of that conflict.  Yes, The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek has been named an Official Selection in the 25th anniversary installment of the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival!  If your grandparents are still alive (or if you know anyone else who lives in the area), please urge them to see this important documentary!  It is playing at 7:10 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 6th at Cinema Paradiso, 503 SE 6th Street.

For tickets/information, please visit the FLIFF website.

Item:  The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek wins Special Jury Award at Birmingham SHOUT!

Sept. 27, 2010.  Yet another of the former Confederacy’s great metropolises ( or is it “metropolai”?) has given it’s blessing to this ground-breaking, record-straightening, justice-restoring documentary.  The film, which screened yesterday, was today awarded a Special Jury prize, with an awards ceremony shout-out to Grace A. Burns’ “originality” (but maybe they meant “bravery”… it doesn’t make much sense to praise as “original” a movie that merely relays historical facts, although perhaps the fearless reportage of the Truth is considered “original” these days.)  Thank you, city of Birmingham!  Thank you, fearless SHOUT jury!

To support Birmingham SHOUT, please visit the website of this intrepid festival!

Item:  The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek to screen at the Atlanta Film Festival!

atlfilmfest_laurels_2010The city of Atlanta, Georgia proves its bravery by being the first municipality  – in either the South or the North – to publicly acknowledge the importance (and therefore the existence) of the battle of Pussy Willow Creek.  This acknowlegement takes the form of the Grace A. Burns documentary being named an “official selection” at the venerable Atlanta Film Festival, where it will be screening on April 17th and 20th at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.   Although the story of the battle fell victim of an unconscionable cover-up in the weeks immediately following its conclusion, Atlanta’s courageous move is the first step in setting the record straight, and righting those terrible wrongs of yesteryear.  Brava, Atlanta, brava!

For more information or tickets, please visit the Atlanta Film Festival website.

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