The history surrounding the battle of Pussy Willow Creek and its four great heroes is both complex and arcane.  Moreover, due to the campaigns of disinformation that were instituted by the Lincoln and Davis administrations, as well as the British government under Queen Victoria, no reliable official sources of information on the subject are existent.  In order to produce this documentary, the filmmakers were required to piece together diverse, disconnected, and incoherent bits of data, and were reliant upon no less than twelve historians and other assorted experts for their interpretation.  Thanks to the generous help of these individuals, this film represents the definitive work on the topic.

RaashidaRaashida Brinks
Educator, Great-great granddaughter of Elijah Swan

Supplied exhaustive details on Captain Swan, as well as on his parents, Lambert Swan, Mary Boyd Swan, and Nate (?).  Provided information on slavery in America, the Emancipation Proclamation, and President Lincoln’s failings in regard to the enslaved Negro population of both the Union and the Confederate states.

Daphne JDaphne Jones
Editor, Confederate Women on the Front Lines Digest

Provided the history of Rowena Harris’ tragic entanglement with the pimp, Beauregarde Ridge, her life at Chickie’s Henhouse, and her subsequent experiences while disguised as a drummer boy in the Confederate army.


Sir Edward Laughton
Professor Emeritus – History Department, Rigg McNee College, Cambridge

Presented an interesting (if baseless) refutation to the account of England’s secret plot to contribute to America’s disintegration during the Civil War.

ShebaSheba LeJeune
Author, Ladies of Pleasure, A History

Provided much enlightenment about 19th  (and 21st) Century prostitution, relayed Rowena Harris’ campaign for revenge against her pimp, and offered facts and insight into Harris’ carnal and espionage-related activities while undercover as a drummer boy in the Federal army.

RpgerRoger McEntyre
Prof. of History, Penn State Scranton
Author, Prejudice and Pride:A History of Gays in the Military
Senior Fellow, The Tolerance Institute

Contributed a wealth of detail on the life of Jonathan Franklin Hale, including his relationship with Sinclair Whittier.  Relayed specifics about the lives of Li Shao-zu and Elijah Swan in the context of their experiences as minorities within mainstream America.  Provided a plethora information on the Civil War in general and the battle of Pussy Willow Creek in particular.  Granted the filmmakers use of of Jonathan Hale’s diaries and letters, and his personal collection of theater emphemera related to Hale’s production of the musical Christmas revue, Mary’s OpporTune Outing.

NatalieNatalie Molyneux
Writer, Winner of the 2002 Poulet Peu Prize For History

Exposed the details of the British plot to destroy America by secretly aiding the Confederacy during the Civil War.  Provided information on Sinclair Whittier’s unwitting role in the debacle.  Graciously let the filmmakers stay in her flat in Paris when they found out their hotel booking had not gone through even though they got an email confirming it.

CarlaCarla Ortiz
Spokeswoman for The Children Are Our Future!
Expert on the history of child exploitation and abuse

Provided specifics and context regarding the trials and tribulations of Rowena Harris’ early life, up to her arrival at Chickie’s Henhouse. Shed light on Harris’ innermost feelings during this time period.


Jean Starke
Author, Righteous Warriors:
The Women of  Lincoln’s Army
2007 Eleanor Roosevelt Scholar

Proposed an interesting (if baseless) theory regarding Rowena Harris’ transformation from a Confederate to a Federal soldier.

DevDr. Dev Subramanian
Inventor, Antique and antiquated technologies expert
Former Assistant Sub-Director, Semiotech Research

Presented the background for an understanding of Elijah Swan’s various inventions, including his “Air-Boat” which would prove essential to the victory at Pussy Willow.  Graciously allowed the filmmakers access to his collection of Elijah Swan’s engineering drawings.


Dr. Bingham Wattney
Historical Psychoanalyst
Vice President,  American Association of Historical Psychiatry

Provided an essential psychological perspective regarding the actions and motivations of Hale, Li, Swan, and Harris, as well as of their assorted parents, friends, acquaintances, and associates.  Also of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, slaves and slave-holders, the occupation forces in North Carolina, and certain officers within the Army of the Potomac.  Imparted a vital understanding of the effect of massive amounts of hallucinogens on the human psyche.

TimothyCaptain (ret.) Timothy Winchell, USMC
Military Historian

Was the filmmakers’ first introduction to the topic of the battle of Pussy Willow Creek.  Provided an inside military perspective on the lives of the heroes of Pussy Willow, including Hale’s experiences at West Point and as an officer under a variety of Generals, Li’s life in the Chinese army, and Harris’ participation in the battle of Fredericksburg.  Provided information essential to understanding the various battles, campaigns, weapons, and military personages integral to the story pf Pussy Willow, and to the Civil War in general.  Presented an invaluable first-hand impression of the psychological stresses of military life during active duty.

Daphne ZDaphne Zukowski
Professor of History and Metaphysics, Margaret Fox College

Provided details regarding Li Shao-zu’s existential dilemma as it related to his dual horoscopes.  Explained the essential role that metaphysics played in the history of the battle of Pussy Willow Creek, including the use of the I Ching as a divination method, the reliance on gods and spirits, and the intervention of Fate in the lives of the heroes.  Generously made the arrangements for the filmmakers’ use of Li’ Shao-zu’s diary, which is permanently housed in the Margaret Fox College archive.

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