The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek tells the thrilling true story of the battle of Pussy Willow Creek – the Civil War battle that saved America – and of the heroes who won the Civil War battle that saved America.

The heroes of Pussy Willow Creek

No comprehension of history is possible without an understanding of those who forged it.  By tracing the biographies of Pussy Willow Creek’s heroes – Colonel Jonathan Franklin Hale, General Li Shao-zu, Captain Elijah Swan, and drummer boy Nick Brody (aka, Rowena Harris) – this important film illustrates how their exceptional life stories inevitably led them to that day long ago when they faced an enemy fifty times their strength and somehow prevailed, buying the Union two more interminably tedious years in which to wage war until the Confederacy finally gave up from exhaustion and the Civil War was over.

This landmark documentary demonstrates how Hale’s fight for honor, Li’s fight for glory, Swan’s fight for freedom, and Harris’ fight for revenge were really one fight, the fight for us – the heirs and heiresses of the American legacy.

A must-see for anyone who values truth over lies, the movie also exposes the reasons why such a momentous event – the most pivotal engagement of the entire Civil War – is so little known today, unearthing the malicious cover-up that ensured its absence from the history books.  In this way, The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek is also a cautionary tale, for if we fail to accurately record our history, it will likely be recorded inaccurately by the unscrupulous, the self-serving, the capricious, and the very confused.

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